Assurance and policy

Assurance and policy

Proportionate assurance processes will provide confidence that identified risks are being properly managed.

Demonstrating competence in security assurance

Government organisations, and those supplying them, must be able to demonstrate that identified risks are being properly managed. With decades of experience and specialist knowledge, we can help you initially identify these risks and put the appropriate responses in place that will control them.


Objective assessment

Your board will look to review an effective and objective performance assessment. This will provide proof that the security measures in place are appropriate, that resilience is built-in and that sufficient controls are in place to reduce and mitigate risk. If these measures and associated assurances and policies are not in place, operations can be left in jeopardy. This can impact your contractual obligations and your requirements to meet regulations in doubt.


Recording your response to risk

We identify and help control risks as well as assist you in effectively recording your processes and policies. Our team are there to help you provide the assurances that your stakeholders and Board will require. 

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