Business impact analysis / BCP

Business impact analysis / BCP

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Business impact analysis/ business continuity planning

Should there be a critical incident, you will be to need to safeguard the cohesion of your services. That means your business must return to an effective state of operational integrity as soon as possible. To reach that goal, you need to be fully aware of the impact a critical event will have on your business. Continuity planning can therefore only take place once you have a comprehensive impact analysis to inform your response.


Comprehensive impact analysis.

Impact analysis requires more than an understanding of the potential for natural causes, accidents and malicious attacks to interrupt your business functions. To gain a full understanding of how a critical event could impact your continuity you need an analysis from the inside out analysis. A critical look at every important aspect of your business will encompass all the key outputs and the critical assets you need to deliver. To fully understand your needs, we will assess everything from your wider strategic aims and your contractual obligations through to the regulatory environment in which you operate.


Full continuity planning.

Without the deep understanding of your business that is generated by an impact analysis, continuity planning will be fragmented and constructed on inaccurate information. Stakeholders and critical teams could respond with actions that are not rooted in your obligations and, albeit with the best of intentions, compound and escalate problems. Our business continuity planning is there to ensure that impact analysis is more than just a report. We convert it into practical, accessible, and effective continuity planning that will ensure you continue to maintain your services in the face of even a high impact event.

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