Environmental and sustainable

Environmental, Social and Governance.

Social awareness can create security opportunities, which could improve your security and reduce your costs

Security and your environment

The security risks posed by environmental factors are numerous. Effective security will recognise and adapt to these factors. Social awareness then is about of recognising and creating security opportunities out of the environmental threats.


The opportunity to secure against environmental threats.

Environmental awareness could include recognising the risk posed by local weather, drainage, and similar natural threats. However, you also need to factors such as the risks which can be extrapolated from local crime patterns and the understanding of how adversaries will approach your assets. Poor awareness of environmental risks can have a critical impact on your operations and result in unplanned costs and investments.


Environmental, social and governance (ESG).

Including ESG in your approach is an important part of your overall security. With our help, you can demonstrate sound governance of risk and not only potentially reduce the cost of current operations but also control excess expenditure in the event of an environmental security event.

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