Sector specific tailored solutions

Sector based solutions for every sector from health care to energy supply, from manufacturing to transport.

Unique security solutions for your sector.

Your sector, your team and your circumstances are all unique. Whether you are part of the infrastructure of transport that is the lifeblood of commerce through to the healthcare teams that give so much, we feel each area deserves an individually designed solution. A solution that meets your specific and unique security needs.

We create sector-specific security solutions that build resilience into your operations by applying over a century of combined expertise. SRSRM is a union of the academia that underpins our methods and the deep understanding that only comes with the practical experience of dealing with threats of all kinds. It is this unique combination that sets Straif Resilience and Security Risk Management apart.

We are Straif, the ‘pracademics’ bringing the best of experience and current understanding to your security needs.

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Ensuring the continued production of our manufacturing facilities is key our economy. The security of your manufacturing facilities and processes is therefore vital to ensuring that not only are your team and your business operations safe but also that you continue to support over 25% of the population that rely on the sector for their livelihood.

We are here to offer you a comprehensive, all-encompassing service to identify where you could be in danger of threats from hostile or environmental security issues and then mitigate or, where possible, remove those threats. The manufacturing sector has its unique challenges but at SRSRM we have the experience required to assess your exposure, define the requirements for protecting your continued operations, create the resilience needed to continue or restart production should a threat emerge and train your team to maintain standards of security. 

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Security for the telecommunication industry is perhaps one of the most challenging areas. Many telecoms companies often have disparate centres for research and development, administration, support services, data storage and handling, and, of course, the locations that provide the actual transmissions and reception of communications. All these areas are potentially at risk from security vulnerabilities, and they all rely on each other to maintain a cohesive network. A threat to one is therefore a threat all.

At SRSRM, we understand the need for resilience in the telecommunications industry. An interruption to service, whether via a natural source or by hostile or criminal actions, is a risk that needs to be addressed and mitigated. The potential for the theft of IP and R&D work by criminal elements is also ever-present. We are on hand to provide a full assessment of your security requirements both locally and as part of the wider resilience plan for your business.

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Security for the transportation sector must take into account the multiple issues surrounding both facilities, reception, storage and dispatching of stored goods, vehicles and their contents and, of course, the movement of the transport itself. International and domestic hazards often need to be assessed in the same evaluation of vulnerability and this then needs to be translated into a working set of security protocols. The transport industry is a challenging area when it comes to security but here at SRSRM we have the experience and understanding to rise to that challenge.

In addition to the need for consistent solutions for air, land and sea transport, many businesses require specific episodes of increased security. High-value asset movement, single journey assessments, response and vulnerability analysis and other issues are often part of our approach to transport security. Whatever your individual needs the flow of secure, fully risk assessed, transportation must continue and we are here to ensure that happens.

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The mitigation of threats to the energy sector requires specialist security knowledge. With the consistent supply of power at stake, it is vital that locations that produce energy are not just secure, they must be resilient enough to resist the risk of threat from every potential source and capable of re-instating services as fast as possible. In many cases, such as nuclear installations, these facilities present a secondary danger to the public and the workforce should an incident occur, so prevention is the top priority.

Here at SRSRM we know that from the smallest facility through to nuclear installations, security is paramount. Full vulnerability analysis, the assessment and implementation of appropriate measures and the training needed to ensure those measures are implemented correctly are the best way to ensure consistency of supply and the safety of everyone.

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Emergency services

Our emergency services are known worldwide for their dedication to duty and their remarkable ability to deal with a variety of situations. Ensuring their safety while they carry out their vital work is an area where we are proud to offer our services.

When an incident requires the attendance of the emergency services, they often need to be present where there are potentially ongoing security risks. A full initial assessment is required to cover the potential security hazards they may encounter. Teams need to be trained in the potential for continued threat in criminal or hostile situations. In practice, security decisions and the need for resilience of service must combine to protect the public by securing those who are there to help them. As we have seen in recent hostile attacks, the role of our emergency services is invaluable. Our role at SRSRM is to ensure their safety and the consistency of the services that save lives.

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The finance world presents many challenges when it comes to security. Your team, as well as your premises, can be subject to security risks and criminal and hostile elements may see both as potential targets. Your requirements, when it comes to ensuring consistency of service for customers, stakeholders and others, can often be international and even at governmental levels and your governance, policy requirements and assurances are vital.

There is no room for a lack of security in the financial world. We will carry out a full vulnerability assessment and clearly define the impact that a security problem, whether environmental or hostile, would have on your ability to meet your obligations. We then move on to mitigating risk so that you can rest assured that you will be able to meet your contractual obligations and protect your team, should there be a security-related incident.

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Health and care settings require a very specific assessment of their security needs. You will have a primary need to ensure a consistent level of care should there be a security incident. That means any assessment must be carried out by experienced professionals with the knowledge needed to apply security processes to the demands of the health sector.

Security in the health sector is a delicate balance of protecting the potentially vulnerable patients and ensuring the safety of the staff. There are multiple factors to consider such as environmental risks or natural hazards as well the possibility of hostile or criminal behaviour. For the Senior Leadership Teams, the need to show diligence and meet regulatory obligations is of paramount importance. SRSRM are here to assess your vulnerability and fully define your risk management in a way that can be practically applied to a busy healthcare environment.

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Food and water

Food and water supplies are prone to a wide range of security problems. Disruption to them is simply not an option as they are quite literally a basic requirement for our society. Here at Straif Resilience and Security Risk Management we are ready to help you maintain a secure and resilient workspace.


With multiple supply chain logistics, storage, distribution, manufacturing, quality control, ethical considerations and hundreds of other matters on your agenda, security is not something that you want to be a concern. We can help you define your vulnerabilities from malicious and environmental factors and help you demonstrate governance through assessment and response to that assessment.


Whether you are supporting our water distribution or part of the food industry, we are here to assist you in creating the secure, resilient, environment you need to keep the basics of life flowing.


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