Security requirements definition and standards

Security requirements definition

Defining requirements for security processes and systems provides an essential baseline

Defining your security needs

When you need to deliver effective security you will, of course, need to define what those security requirements look like. Security is a long-term investment and should be built upon a strong baseline definition of what that security looks like. Defining your security requirements, therefore, underpins the effective use of your security investment and informs your practice.


Meeting your unique security definitions

Security requirements are frequently complex and often this is compounded by the unique circumstances of a particular client. Our ultimate goal is to comprehensively define your individual security requirements. Without this accurate definition, it is difficult to effectively deliver security for your needs, manage the procurement for those needs, and demonstrate a sound investment to your stakeholders.


Governance and expenditure management

Using recognised standards, we can define your needs and then specify the best model for a solution to your security requirements. This will lead to not only a comprehensive response to your security, but also address wastage, eradicate non-essential expenditure, and demonstrate sound governance.

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