Training awareness and communication

Training, Awareness and Communication

Without learning and development you you could be leaving your operations vulnerable to a range of risks.

Safety and security training

Training and maintaining a safe workplace that has resilience built-in, are part of a holistic approach to security. Whether that training is for individuals, specific groups, or for the whole team, it should underpin your security processes. Training does more than imparting knowledge, it empowers your team by giving them the skills and awareness they need to take appropriate action and communicate effectively.


The importance of training

There is a well know story about a financial director questioning the investment of training employees when they could leave the company. He receives the answer that the real danger comes when you do not train people and they stay. Nothing sums up the need for security training better than that maxim. Security is about the peace of mind of knowing you are resilient should the worst happen. Without training your team are not only more vulnerable to possible threats they also have the potential to both not recognise the threat or respond in the wrong way if an incident occurs. Empowered, trained and knowledgeable employees are not just more inclined to act, they will take appropriate action and communicate a potential or actual problem accurately.


Mitigation and governance.

Security mitigates and even totally removes the risk of harm from a wide range of threats. Training your team is part of that process of mitigation and proves to stakeholders and Boards that your governance is effective at all levels of the organisation.

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